These stories are only the beginning of your many adventures.

Read and enjoy each character's adventure. As well, you can add to the story by creating your own illustrations in the spaces provided within each book. Then, you can also use the creative pages to write and draw further adventures for the story's character!


Hazel Hippopotamus


A tale of learning to appreciate oneself.

 Hazel is small for a hippopotamus which means she might be less helpful to the bloat in times of danger. Read how she finds her value and how she is valuable to the bloat of hippos. Then you can write or draw more ways Hazel lives her life her way.  

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Wybor Whale


A tale of helping others.

 How did it happen that Wybor was named after a whale’s natural predator, the polar bear? Then discover why he believes in helping others and how he does help other ocean animals. Then create more adventures for Wybor and his new friends.  

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Custard Koala


A tale of finding one's true name.

Custard has a unique name for a koala. Read how his adventurous nature helps him get his name and meet new friends and discover new foods. Then write down, draw, or tell others of Custard’s new adventure with food and friends.  

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Celeste Giraffe


A tale of learning to accept others.

Celeste is very proud of her tall stature, but has trouble accepting another giraffe because she is so small. Discover what happens to make Celeste friends with little Dimi.

LuLu Panda


A tale of being creative with what you discover.

LuLu has just started living on her own when some travelers are run from their camp. Find out what LuLu creates with the pantaloons and other items left behind.

Sir Pennybrooke Rattlesnake


A tale of being ingenious.

Sir Pennybrooke is a rattlesnake born without a rattle on this tail. Learn how he creates an improvised rattle.