Story Toys

To add more adventure to each story a medium size plush toy of the main character with some accompanying story accessories was designed and is available for sale. 

Each toy has a zipper compartment that holds the accessory pieces and a handle for easy carry or to attach for a bring along. These toys are a part of the story and can play an even greater part in your further adventures!

Please note: All toys are hand made, not mass manufactured so the toys’ pictures represent the toy available; however, fabrics may vary. 

Since the toys are handmade it does take 4 weeks for delivery; please take that into consideration when ordering. We will provide an estimated delivery date at time of order. 

Hazel Hippopotamus


Hazel comes with two magnetized flowers and a bird.

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Wybor Whale


Wybor Whale comes with his friends, the seahorse, the jellyfish, and the starfish.

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Custard Koala


Custard comes with a wombat, an apple, and a custard dish.

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Celeste Giraffe

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LuLu Panda

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Sir Pennybrooke Rattlesnake